Pinterest Censorship And How To Respond

Earlier this month, there was a report released by CBN News about Pinterest. There was an investigation done by the website Project Veritas that revealed Pinterest was censoring some Christian terms in search results.

You can read the full article, Pinterest Insider Reveals Company Censors Bible Verses, Christian Terms here.

The bottom line was that when searching for terms that start with “Christian” Pinterest won’t auto-complete phrases. It also won’t do any Christian terminology as trending. Pinterest has marked Christian language as unsafe.

What Pinterest Censorship Means For Christian Bloggers…

Now, for most Christian bloggers, this hits us in the heart more than anything else. If someone is looking for VBS ideas, they are going to type them out whether they auto-complete or not. That mom who’s on her last nerve is going to search for “Scriptures for when you’re stressed” no matter how hard Pinterest makes it. (Not that typing out five words is really all that hard.)

However, to see how much of an effect this had on our pins, I decided to do an experiment.

Pinterest Censorship

A Pinterest Invitation

I created a new group board on Pinterest that is still in my niche. It’s labeled “struggles.” Because we all have struggles. #amiright

The goal of this board is to share pins by Christian bloggers without using Christian terminology or hashtags in their descriptions. Just to see if it makes a difference in their visibility on Pinterest.

If you’d like to join that board, follow me on Pinterest and then either send me a message or leave your Pinterest username in the comments below.

Any pins related to the theme that we all struggle with something are welcome. I do ask that all pins are vertical and again, please don’t use Christian terminology or hashtags in the descriptions. And don’t post the same pin repeatedly. You can find all of the board rules here.

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Are You A Christian Blogger?

How do you feel about the censorship information coming out?

Are you learning to roll with the punches, do you have any tips for other Christian bloggers or thoughts to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

And don’t forget about the invitation to my group board. I also have another group board for Christian bloggers if you’re interested. It’s “Christian Blogs for Women.” Again, you can follow me on Pinterest and then either request to join, send me a message, or let me know your username in the comments below. Just make sure to let me know which of the two boards you want to join (or both if that’s the case).

P.S. If you’re a Christian blogger, you should check out Carmen Brown’s book, “By His Grace We Blog.” It was written for Christian women who are just starting on their blogging journey. The book covers topics such as identifying your niche, branding, social media, time-management, monetizing, and cultivating your blog into a ministry. 


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