Struggles: Pinterest Group Board For Christian Bloggers

Real Women. Real Life. Real Struggles.

This board is for women who blog about the struggles in life and how we can overcome them.

In 2019, a report came out suggesting that Pinterest censored Christian content. To test that theory, “Struggles” was born.

The goal of this board is to share pins by Christian bloggers, without Christian terminology or hashtags in their descriptions, to see if it makes a difference in their visibility on Pinterest.

Find out how you can join the board below!

Click here to read my post about Pinterest censorship.

To Join

  1. Follow Heather Hart
  2. Click the join button or message Heather on Pinterest with your request to join (be sure to mention the board name).

Board Rules

  • Post any pins about struggles women face.
    • Important: If it isn’t obvious your pin is about a struggle, use the pin description to let us know the post it links to is or to connect it to a struggle women face somehow. If I can’t tell that your pin is related to a struggle it will be deleted as this is a board about struggles. If you’re looking for a generic board for Christian women bloggers, consider joining this one instead.
  • No craft, recipe, or product pins.
  • All pins should be vertical (no horizontal or square pins).
  • Don’t use any Christian terminology or hashtags. (E.g., Bible, Jesus, Faith, #PrayerJournaling) in the pin titles or descriptions. Any text on the images themselves is fine.
  • No duplicate content.
    • Note: This is a new board, once the board is more developed I may lift this restriction, but for now, don’t post the same pins more than once.

I do moderate this board at least once a week to delete any pins that do not meet the above standards.

Pinterest Group Board For Christian Bloggers

I also have another board for Christian bloggers that has fewer restrictions. You can learn more and join it here:

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